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After admiring bikini athletes on social media for years Jade finished university and decided to put her dreams into action.

After finishing her first season competing in 3 shows in 2 different federations she came away with 3 first places 1 over all title, and 1 national title. Also a 2nd place at the IFBB Nationals narrowly missing a chance to compete for her pro card!

Some advice:

There is nothing more satisfying then proving all the negative self talk wrong. It’s not about other people saying you couldn’t do it, it’s always been about proving the girl in the mirror who said it couldn’t be done wrong and showing people that you are capable of anything you put your mind to!

Along the way I realised it’s all about accepting your flaws and working every damn day to make sure what you make of yourself is something you are proud of.

Mediocrity is what I fear most and I swear I will never look back and say I led a mediocre life, chase down what you want in life and do not apologise for your dreams.